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Jakarta Musical Crew or jaksical in short, is a ground-breaking community that aims to introduce and raise awareness of musical theatre for young adults while catering the needs of information about musical theatre for musical enthusiasts. We believe jaksical can be a key role in the society to share and perform Broadway or live theatre along with other communities.



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Show Review | Arjuna by Sanskerta

A couple weeks ago, I got the opportunity to watch SANSKERTA : Arjuna, a musical performed by the student of Prasetiya Mulya Univerty at Ciputra Artpreneur. Inspired by one of the stories from the Mahabharata, SANSKERTA raises the story of the 5 pandavas in the perspective of Arjuna, picture the journey of finding his true identity as a true knight.

July 20th, 2019|Event Review|

Show Review | Annie Jr. by HI Jakarta Production – May 12 Matinee

I could never forget all the songs from the beginning to end. But the show that was performed by HI Jakarta Production School has given me a new experience of watching this particular show while listening to the song. The one thing that was stuck in my mind was the time they brought a golden retriever onto the stage during the iconic number “Tomorrow”. And that was just one of many beautiful things that happened during the show.

July 19th, 2019|Event Review|

Show Review | Annie Jr. by HI Jakarta Production – May 11 Matinee

Adapted from the Broadway musical sensation, Hi Production’s Annie Jr. allows for young talents to showcase their acting chops on stage. We had the chance to sit down and witness the performance of one of their performing groups and needless to say, the kids’ talents blew us away. Having seen quite a few musical theater performances before, I’m used to having a set of standards on which I can compare each performance and determine whether it is a good one. However, entering completely fresh into Hi Production’s Annie Jr., I was taken aback by how much each of these young kids were able to pull off in terms of the holy trinity of musical theater—acting, dancing, and especially singing.

July 13th, 2019|Event Review|


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