Legenda Balada Baladi

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Project Description

(25/3/2017) On the mission to bringing Indonesian Legends back to life, Legenda Balada Baladi tells a story about two young lovers, Jaka and Poet. Envious of the legends’ stories such as Sangkuriang to Situ Bagendit, they set out to establish themselves as legends, and met the storyteller who made it happen, Anonym. After having their new stories written, they eventually met each other again in their new life. Little did they know, the legends’ stories always end up in misery or sorrow, so with the help of a fellow friend, Jawara who with his mighty spells and chants made good and justice to the legends’ stories, set out on a quest to find Anonym and defeat her once and for all. Managed by Someday Project, the musical run by a full team of high school students doesn’t only just teach them acting, singing and dancing, but also taught them in the art of management, design, music and so much more. In 2017, Someday Project managed to produce two production under their belt, Next Door Magic and Legenda Balada Baladi respectively.

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