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Show Review | Allegiance SMAK GS

On April 27, 2019 SMAK PENABUR Gading Serpong held its 12th annual Creativity Art Night, Allegiance. The performance was all we could ever hope for from a group of high-schoolers trying to bring back lost history from the dark age for Japanese-American families living in the United States, trying to survive isolation and family separation while their allegiance to their heritage and/or country had to be challenged.

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Show Review | Pulau Elegi by SEP Theatre

A few weeks ago Jaksical got the opportunity to watch a Binus Simprug School production titled, “Superego” at Ciputra Artpreneur. Telling a story about five school students with their various cases, their detention project to host a prom night turned them into best friends. 

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Show Review | Superego by Binus School Simprug

A few weeks ago Jaksical got the opportunity to watch a Binus Simprug School production titled, “Superego” at Ciputra Artpreneur. Telling a story about five school students with their various cases, their detention project to host a prom night turned them into best friends. 

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Show Review | Kaeru: Titik Dua di Akhir Nada

On January 25th 2019, Jaksical had the opportunity to watch an exclusive invite-only performance of an original musical production titled Kaeru : Titik Dua Di Akhir Nada, presented by Perkumpulan KataK at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta. The public performance of the production was held on the 26th and 27th with a total of 4 matinee and evening shows. Kaeru’s setting takes place in Batavia in 1942, telling the hardship of a love story during the war era as Japan started their colonization in Indonesia. A young lady Kirana fell in love with a Japanese soldier Hiro, but she was forced to give up on her love and partake in an arranged marriage with a man named Gilang. The entire show was brought in Bahasa Indonesia, including a total of 18 original songs accompanied by live band and orchestra. I loved the detailed touch the company put during pre-show where they played an old radio announcement that immediately transported us back to 1942.

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Jaksical Goes to Singapore: Magic Carpet Ride

Jaksical is holding another open trip this year to see Aladdin in Singapore on July 26-28, 2019. Read the complete information about the trip in this post and make sure to save your seat. We're so excited to fly with you to see a whole new world! Register here.

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Show Review: Into the Woods by TEMAN

Immersion was swift once the show started, followed closely with awe. The production scored so many points in the technical domain; even though it was the last in the string of three shows, two in the day alone, I could sense no discernible fatigue in the performers, actors and musicians both. Music, lyrics, and book were all interpreted beautifully and with flawless technique. Also, actors playing multiple roles and slaying all of them? Another point that made me shake my head in awe of this production.

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Into the Woods by TEMAN

Teater Musikal Nusantara (TEMAN), sebuah Theatre Company asal Jakarta yang memiliki visi untuk memproduksi pertunjukkan teater musikal dengan standar internasional, akan menggelar drama musikal Into The Woods karya Stephen Sondheim dan buku oleh James Lapine. Pertunjukkan berskala internasional yang akan dipentaskan di Teater Salihara, Jakarta, pada tanggal 22-23 Desember 2018 ini merupakan sebuah terobosan baru di industri teater tanah air yang sedang berkembang.

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Teater Musikal AKSI GENERA.Z

genera.Z powered by Alva Primero mempersembahkan Teater Musikal AKSI genera.Z di Pusat Perfilman H. Usmar Ismail. Pertunjukkan ini akan merupakan karya dari sutradara dan penulis naskah, Renata Tirta Kurniawan, bekerjasama dengan Noni Dju, sebagai penata musik dan dipimpin oleh Alexander Vadimitra. Dengan didukung oleh 31 anak dari generasi Z, Teater Musikal AKSI genera.Z akan mengedukasi penonton mengenai karakteristik dan aksi generasi Z secara menghibur lewat seni peran, seni suara, seni tari dan seni musik.

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Sooper Dooper Trooper: The Musical

Dancing Queen was beautifully sung by Jakarta International Community Choir (JICC) that day on Gedung Pusat Perfilman Umar Ismail in Kuningan, South Jakarta. They engaged with the audience and made everyone in the room singing and even slightly dancing, shaking their shoulders and clapping to the beat of one of the most iconic and evergreen song ever in the history of music. No doubt, that was the solid performance of the night.

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Broadway Sites You Should Know

With Broadway media giants such as Broadway.com, Playbill.com, BroadwayWorld.com, and TheaterMania, you might have overlooked some other Broadway-related websites that are just as interesting. (Let’s be real, we find some of these even more interesting. You’ll see.) We’ve picked some of our favorites for you to dive in, and we hope that you enjoy them as much as we do. [...]

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