Show Review | Arjuna by Sanskerta

Contributor: Tony Phangjaya

A couple weeks ago, I got the opportunity to watch SANSKERTA : Arjuna, a musical performed by the student of Prasetiya Mulya Univerty at Ciputra Artpreneur. Inspired by one of the stories from the Mahabharata, SANSKERTA raises the story of the 5 pandavas in the perspective of Arjuna, picture the journey of finding his true identity as a true knight.

Right from the start, I love the addition of a projector as part of the set design element. A little skeptical at first, balanced lighting and costume color selection are so well executed to help visualize the scene. Altough I’m having a hard time to keeping up to the story at first due to many technical problem in balancing the audio between cast and musician, I love how Nakula and Sadewa just stole the show. For a brief moment, they play an important role in bringing the audience’s momentum throughout the show. A notable mention i would like to give also is to the cast of Duryodhana as he portray deep interpretation of his character and dominate the stage.

Nonetheless, kudos to all crew balancing every creative concept of the production. The addition of “Harpa” in the chamber is remarkable, full original songs with lyrics beautifully portray each character of the cast, and a lot of creative choreography concept to visualize scene that i cant mention one by one. As perfect as it gets, bringing culture based story is very challenging, as i notice that a few number of cast back story is not yet depicture enough in this production to represent a more understanding flow of the whole production. But i can safely say, this year SANSKERTA prove that a blend of Musical Theater and Indonesia Culture can be so entertaining.

Congrats to all crew responsible behind the production of Sanskerta , looking forward to more enjoyable show.

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