Show Review | Annie Jr. by HI Jakarta Production – May 12 Matinee

Contributor: Hizkia Yosurandri



“The sun’ll come out


So ya gotta hang on

‘Til tomorrow

Come what may

Tomorrow, tomorrow!”


I could never forget all the songs from the beginning to end. But the show that was performed by HI Jakarta Production School has given me a new experience of watching this particular show while listening to the song. The one thing that was stuck in my mind was the time they brought a golden retriever onto the stage during the iconic number “Tomorrow”. And that was just one of many beautiful things that happened during the show.

On May 12th, I attended a worldwide phenomenon musical based on the popular comic strip by Harold Grey, titled “Annie”. I could still recall how they brought all the audiences back to Annie’s adventure at the glamorous Time Square, New York City. The cast, the sets, the properties, even the directing were so well-prepared. We could feel the ambience of the 50’s era, when Annie and her friends navigated life in the orphanage.

Ms. Hannigan stole my attention. The character was played perfectly by Lucrecia, showing us the ruthless domination towards the children in the orphanage. The fear that she brought upon the children seemed so real. Another cast that also showed a great performer was Daddy Warbucks, portrayed by Rainer Rafael. He could be calm and wise towards Annie, even in the midst of being occupied with his very important work business. Nevertheless, the show in its entirety was very satisfying. The performance was delivered impressively by every single one of the kid. It amazed me how those kids, while being very young – ranging from age 12 to 16– could present us one of the most famous musicalsof all time with a quality that came close to one of an actual professional.

However, as every live performance ever executed, there are always things that could use some improvements. As a musician, I happen to be quite sensitive on the sounds, and I was quite concerned about the sound quality in this production. There were times I hardly could listen to the singing because of the instability of the sound produced. The other thing that made me feel uncomfortable was the lighting. It felt a little bit too shady, making it hard to clearly focus on the performers on stage. These are all just technical stuffs that can be easily improved on the next productions. For now, the things that are still imprinted in my memories are the great voices of all the kids singing “I Don’t Need Anything but You,” “It’s a Hard-Knock Life,” and of course, “Tomorrow.”

Again, I would like to give my greatest gratitude to HI Jakarta Productions for producing such a beautiful show, involving a lot of promising young talents who could surely be the future of the musical theatre here in this country.

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