Next Door Magic

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Project Description

A musical filled with magical aspects set in the future, Next Door Magic tells a story about a young girl named Chica Scarlettle who flunked out of college basically failing to practice magic, until Rector Cicero gifted her an aural key to unleash her magical aura. But as we know magic comes with a price, opening one’s aura can cause dubious side effects. Thus begins Chica’s journey with her friends as trouble brewed across her hometown where people were punished for practicing magic. With her newfound powers Chica managed to try to help her friends on a mission to make good in magic, or so she thought. Boasting from an LA Based Composer, Next Door Magic has a fair share of music heavily inspired by the Broadway scene. Managed by Someday Project, the musical run by a full team of high school students succeeded in bringing a fresh new concept to musicals in Indonesia.

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