Jakarta Musical Crew or Jaksical in short, is a ground-breaking community that aims to introduce and raise awareness of musical theatre for young adults while catering the needs of information about musical theatre for musical enthusiasts. We believe Jaksical can be a key role in the society to share and perform Broadway or live theatre along with other communities.


Jaksical was founded in 2016.

Founded by Michelle Oswari, Jaksical along with its nine Board Members on their given job descriptions aim to create a high quality and educational Broadway or musical related contents for Jakarta citizens to enjoy.

Jaksical was founded through Michelle Oswari’s vision, where she saw that there are a lack of communities that support the world of theatre in Jakarta, Indonesia. Thus, Jaksical was born to fill in that gap, and continues to grow together to connect a lot of theatre communities and strive together for a better performing arts in Indonesia.

Vision: to become one of the leading communities in Jakarta for Broadway or musical lovers.

Mission: to educate and give awareness about the world of Broadway or musicals to the citizens of Jakarta.

  • 2016: Conducted movie nights that bring the theatre people together.
  • 2017: Partnered with more than 50 theatre communities in 2016 and 2017 alone to further promote their musical productions.
  • 2017: Jaksical 1st Anniversary : A Journey Through Time (exceeded 500 audience from 300 targeted).

If you’re interested in doing a collaboration with us, please contact Kevin Aldrian (+62 812-1978-8232) for more information.

Are you a theatre community interested in promoting your production to Jaksical’s social media platforms and website? Please contact Amelia (+62 812-8045-7004) for more information.