Jaksical’s Masquerade Halloween of the Night

Guideline for Participants:

  1. Participants may wear any appropriate Halloween costume (costumes don’t have to be from a musical theatre production).
  2. Each participant should already be in costume during re-registration period. Changing rooms are not provided at the venue.
  3. Each participant is required to join the Jaksical Halloween event from
  4. During the costume parade stage event (starting at 19.10), each participant must be on standby at the designated area.
  5. Each participant has 30-second duration on stage during which they may do a short performance, showcasing their costume and character.
  6. Costumes must not contain dangerous articles and/or inappropriate elements (Jaksical Halloween event is for all ages).
  7. The judges’ scoring and decisions are final.
  8. The committee have the right to disqualify candidates who violate any rule.
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